Welcome to the Wild Duck Restaurant & Pub

Drawing inspiration from the places we have lived and worked in, we have created a dining experience that highlights the best foods from our heritage and across the continent. Combining flavors and specialty dishes from Southern California, Austin, New Orleans, Baltimore, Quebec, Poland and of course, Maine, the Wild Duck does not fit into any one category. Our Executive chef, Dannielle Allen and our entire staff is dedicated to offering delicious, creative and unique dishes that not only honor their origins, but are works of art on the plate. We believe that a great meal, served by a highly trained staff in the midst of the verdant greens of Highland Green Golf Course, shouldnt cost you a weeks earnings. With a handson approach to everything we do, attention to every detail, and picturesque atmosphere, we hope the Wild Duck has you coming back for more.

From our home and hearts to your plate, bon Appetit!

craig and lisa

Lisa EatonLentz and Craig Lentz